Birdsville and Great Ocean Road 2015

Month later the bike shop contacts me telling me that they have fixed the bike, it was a coil in the alternator my German mechanic was right. I am in the middle of my 2nd year visa job now. Living in Bundaberg saving money living the hard farm live, somehow I like it. Monday to Friday are long days we start quite early, Saturday is half day and the rest of the weekend is just partying and sleeping. I meet Kotomi she's working at the farm as well and we all live in the same share house. We are getting along well.

My boss has a Kawasaki KLR 650 sitting around since 6 years with just 200km on the odometer.

I fix it all up clean everything out change all the liquids buy it for a very good price and leave Bundaberg.

I am going up north and like always my first day in the rain don't ask me why, but it is always raining on my first days. From Bundaberg I am going up to Gladstone and further to Emerald where my friends Judith and Guess live. I spend a few days there and head up to Townsville. I make my self a home in Townsville. I go for the Rodeo in Cairns and go back to Townsville. I ride a lot around the area there are some nice rides. Awesome beaches dry river beds and the road to Paluma is fantastic.

At the end of August Kotomi is coming up to Townsville, I am excited!

I told her I already worked out a Motorbike trip and I will take off just a few days after her arrival. She found an easy solution, she's coming with me!

She has no license and I think she doesn't know what she got her self into. Within days we get her all gear for a very small budged. We bought the lot from private people for around $150 all of it basically new.


Off we go, I am already much better organized when it comes to packing my bike, even we are two people now. We will improve some small bits on our trip.

So there we are starting in Townsville going inland,  a bit of rain again west of Townsville but not as bad as usually on my first days.

Our first night stop is Hughenden, it's so exciting setting up all the gear for the fist time. Everything works perfectly easy to get set up doesn't take long everything small and light. I added a 12V socket to the dash and got a 12V compressor. We have a small air mattress. I guess that is the biggest luxury we carry, we have the tiniest tent ever but the mattress makes up for it. Even we can only inflate the mattress when it is in the tent, otherwise we can't put it in through the tiny entrance.

We go trough Winton, I pick up some bolts that I lost, and we carried on for about 100km where we camp next to the road. Really pretty and quiet spot, we collect some fire wood start a fire, set up our tent and have some sausages we got earlier in the day. Trust me if the butcher in a outback town sells you spicy sausages they are really freaking spicy!!

The road is just one lane. If a Road train comes around you just have to get of the road, very quick they still doing 100km/h.

Boulia, town of the MinMin light is our next stop. I like it around here, no busy roads, no traffic lights, beautiful landscapes, never ending horizons and the sunset every day stunning. The day after we arrive at our first major destination BRIDSVILLE. We stay here for 3 days and enjoy the races. It really is in the middle of nowhere there are only dirt roads for hundreds of kilometers to that small town with usually 117 people. But for the races up to 7000 people travel there. The good thing is there is space enough and a pub. There is actually a warning when you come from south that tells you there is no pub coming for a long time, I can't remember the exact distance. We have the best time ever despite her sore bum. In the last night our mattress broke, I guess that is why other bikers don't use them, because they break. Anyway we are going down to Marree using the inside track. Through the Sturt Stony Desert the track was quite rough, badly corrugated we lost our stuff once or twice. But we made it to Marree. On the way we had the biggest Aussie outback burger ever at Mungerannie roadhouse!


The next morning we had our first flat tire. No big deal we had some punch repair got it sorted and went all the way to Port Augusta. The landscape changes a lot and the climate as well. It changed from like 40 degrees to like 12 degrees and light rain. Our Mattress was wrecked and so are we after that day. We decided to get a cabin I haven't seen a shower in about 4 days. The next day we make it to Adeldaide and you will not believe it. We saw one car on the inside track and nobody else. We arrive in Adelaide city center, and this guy walks up to us yelling "oooi you made it good on ya's". It's just one of them coincidence, great!



We park our bike and sleep in a hotel. We go to Hahndorf for the evening. It's the oldest still existing German settlement in Australia. There are restaurants serving all the German food and Kotomi gets to try it with a load of German beers.

The next day we go see some friends -Helen and Graig- we met in Birdsville. They live about an hour away from Adelaide. They show us the area, Barossa valley and all the small towns. The kangaroos in that area are big and black and there are many of them.

After our joyride we do some shopping, we need a blanked and some warmer cloth. I maintain the bike the next morning.

We head off to Portland we are on a nice campsite and we have a koala with it's baby right next to us in the tree. From there we go along the beautiful Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. We stop in Apollo bay and do all the sightseeing on the way, like the 12 Apostles or what remains of them, and London Bridge and so on. We are shattered arriving in Melbourne! It is so busy so much traffic, what happened? We try to get a nice view over the city. We found the Loui Bar in the 55th floor, but it took us a few tries to get in considering we only had thongs or bike boots.

Late at night we walk into a small bar in a side road thinking nothing bad. Suddenly Kotomi yells: Filippo!!

And there he is, he used to work with us at the farm in Bundaberg, we couldn't believe we bump into him in a city that size.



But the next day we ride to Strathmerton north of Melbourne. We catch up with friends -Rae and her husband- there. They take us for a ride on the great Murray River. It is great there are heaps of Koalas. Rae is like our grandmother she is cooking so much for us. We enjoy the time and go further north to Dubbo where we have a look at the famous zoo.

The next night we end up camping in Walgett, the weather is getting warmer and warmer going north, we like it.


Roma was our next stop, there is  a very nice campsite attached to a farm just outside of the town. We arrive and unload the bike. We leave all our gear and ride back to town for some shopping. I hit a pothole on the way out, but didn't think about it while continuing riding. We do our shopping and go back to the bike and there we go flat tire number two. We push the bike to a servo close by and refill it hoping it is good enough to make it back to our gear. We make it back and fix the tire before cooking dinner.


We go straight to Carnarvon Gorge National Park the next morning. We set up our tent and everything we need and go for some hikes through the Park. A lot of roos wandering around and stunning views over the thick forest.

Our next destination was Emerald, we stop for fuel in Blackwater where my number plate came off. As you know I have friends in Emerald Judith and Guess. About 4km before we arrive we have an other flat tire. It was quite warm that day and I was not really in the mood for a flat. The tube has torn for about 3cm what made it a bit more difficult fixing it with the small patches we had left. We get it sorted for now but turn around and go into town first. I get a new tube before it is to late. As always I enjoyed the time spending with Judith and Guess.

The plan was to go by dirt roads to Townsville in 2 days time, but Kotomi gets a phone call with a job offer, start next day. So we just stay on the Highway and head home as fast as possible.

We made it back to Townsville without any bigger issues.

A set of Indicator broke, I lost a rubber piece from under the fuel tank , the number plate came off and only three flat tires that is not too bad for 7500km through heat dust and sand.

We did the whole trip on a set of Mitas EO7 great tire and lasts forever!

I'm quite proud of my socius, it must be tiring siting all day in the back.



A big thank you to everybody who accommodated us or supported and helped us in any other way, there have been so many people very friendly and helpful!

A special thank you to

Helen and Graig

Rae and Husband

and Judith and Guess

it has been great.