Cape York 2015

Only two weeks after arriving back in Townsville I have to go again. I can not miss the chance to go to the tip of Australia before the wet season starts up here. Or should I say up there because it really is never raining in Townsville. People from the surrounding towns call it Brownsville.

But anyway I have to go this time by my self Kotomi has to work, well I should as well but it's to tempting.

I get the bike ready I plan my route through studying maps reading reports checking what I need what are the distances between the fuel stops and so on, I don't wanna miss anything.

I want to go as light as possible. The plan is to go up as fast as possible and do all the sightseeing on the way down. I feel more flexible that way. The roads can be very slippery if it rains. The creeks won't be passable after rain so I go up and keep checking the weather forecast. If there will be rain I just gotta race down. But I'm optimistic.


I head off at the 9th of October. Blue sky and hot in Townsville but as always after a short while it starts raining. After a while it is just pissing down, I almost slipped on high speed. I stop a few times because I can't see well enough. Before I reach Milla Milla, there is a nice little tea house on top of a hill. I just had to stop, I was soaked and cold the temperature dropped rapidly. 

I poor out my boots take a hot shower try to dry my gear somehow and perfect it was Pizza Friday thumbs up!

I make it all the way to Coen the next two days, the weather was dry from the next day. Back to camping how it is supposed to be. I can dry the rest of the cloth and there is a pub right next to my tent.

I reach Pansay Bay already on the next day. That's about 20 minutes away from the official northern most point of the Australian continent.

The view from the Campsite is awesome. Me and my neighbors could see a croc swimming around. I drink a few beers at the Corrugated Bar, what a name for a pub in a place like that!

The roads where quite rough at some parts, I am happy I still have the chance going up there on dirt roads in a few more years there will be a sealed highway going up there most of the way. That's too bad it takes all the excitement out of it.


I am going to the actual tip the next day. I stay for a few hours enjoying the few. It is not very busy up there and the water is so clear. I stop at a souvenir shop not far away to get a stubby cooler for Kotomi and recognize that I have lost my number plate and this time for good.

So I go south without one.

The fruit bat falls are a nice cool down in the wet heat, crystal clear water in the middle of a never ending landscape of forest and red dust.

I turn off towards Weipa where I camp for the night. I'm Interested in the mine there, but I can't visit it there haven't been enough participants. So I just enjoy the nice sunset over the sea. It feels a bit like WA when you can see the sun disappearing behind the water.

I continue going south and camp at Musgrave Roadhouse. The site is not very busy just some cattle and roos wandering around. I cook my dinner and get a six pack of bitter and enjoy the mild night. 

I ride through Lakefield Natinal Park, the landscape is very nice, some people would say, that there is just nothing there, but that is what I find so fascinating.

I reach Cocktown the same day but I feel like riding more so I choose to ride the Cape Tribulation which is quite steep gravel and because of some roadworks there was a lot of truck traffic. But after arriving in  Mossman I didn't have too far to Cairns so I decide to spend the night out in Cairns.

After a long night out I ride towards Townsville but after half way I had a huge lack of power. Top speed around 80km/h it feels like it takes ages till I arrive in Townsville.

But I arrive safe and happy. I just have to get a number plate soon, I think I went  far enough without one. I check the next day what's wrong with the bike. Where does that lack of power come from? I clean all filters clean the carburetor change the oil everything but nothing changed. After disassembling the carburetor multiple times I find the problem.

The diaphragm is torn. Not much, without a torch barely visible, in the sun not to find. I replace it and it runs like new.