Germany to Croatia 2016

We are in Germany now, I left my Kawasaki KLR behind in Australia. I still have my KTM Duke 640 here in Germany. It is not the best bike for long distance rides with a passenger, but the only one available for me at the moment.

Camping is not a option on this trip as we have no room on the bike. All we take is in Kotomis backpack and in my tank bag. So off we go.

We tried to start riding early in the morning, but as always it is raining. Actually not just raining it is a proper thunderstorm. We are waiting till the clouds open up. We are able to take off around 11am. We ride south via Fernpass and use Reschenpass to reach Italy and spend the night in Bozen.


From here we keep going deeper into into the mountains, we get some nice views at the Dolomites, and we stop for Karrer Lake. You can't ride pass this nice place. We arrive in the early afternoon in Venice, park the bike and walk to our accommodation. It is hot with all the bike gear on. I am wearing my warm Gear, as it was cold when we left Germany.


We enjoy Venice in the Morning and walk slowly back to the bike. We pay the parking fee and ride east, we cross the Slovenian boarder after a small discussion. Kotomi doesn't have her German visa papers yet, but they let us ride pass after a while. Soon after we cross the Croatian boarder, they didn't care about any documents. We get the stamps and ride to Buzet north of Rijeka. We do some shopping and try to find our guest house there. I start my phone with navigation. It sends us in a small road the small road that turns into a dirt road, quite bumpy. I don't have to much clearance with the spoiler underneath my engine. It starts raining and we are riding along a mountain through dirt. After a while we get back to a proper road where we find our accommodation. We have a look around and figure out that we just did a big loop around the town. We can see the supermarket from earlier from our accommodation, 200m walk and we did a 20 minute loop.


After a good night sleep we have a long ride ahead of us. We ride straight to the Krka waterfalls. They are nice but it is sooo busy, I can't believe how many people are walking and swimming in the National park. We enjoy the park and continue riding to Split. And again we have a Guest house there and again it was quite difficult to find as the house numbers are just totally spread out. But the people are happy to help us and we can find our guest house.

We stay in split for 2 nights. It is a nice town, it is no problem to spend 2 days.


Our two days are over and we start our way back. Our first attempt to cross the boarder to Slovenia fails. The boarder we tried to cross was only for EU citizens not for Asians. We just ride along the Boarder till we get to a proper one where she can cross. We ride to Maribor in Slovenia. It was a long day of riding, we eat out, it is not very expensive in Slovenia. The next morning it is just pissing down. We have one day spare for that case, so we use it. We go to the shopping center and do some window shopping.


The weather cleared up and it is a nice sunny day in Maribor. From here we ride into Austria. Our first toll road is Gerlos Alpenstrasse after this we ride up Grossglockner, sadly it is foggy on the top, but the ride is beautiful even the temperature drops to 4°C. After Grossglockner we arrive in Mittersill where we stay for the night. We have a nice dinner as it is the last evening of our Holiday.


On our last day we just ride back to Germany where Kotomi has to go back to work the same evening.