Australia West Coast 2014

I just arrived at the 1st of August in Perth. A friend from my hometown who moved to Australia permanently years ago picket me up at the airport. It actually isn't as warm as expected but still alright. I took a few days to get used to the time difference from Germany.

After a couple of days I start looking for a bike. My budged is not too big and my expectations are massive. But i end up finding a Honda XR650R. Exactly what I was looking for, but to much for my budged. A few days later I decided to get it, and save the money I spent to much somewhere else -of course never happen-.

It took a while to get it in registered in my name. Being a foreigner can make things more difficult sometimes, but after a day of running back and forward from the bike shop to the department of transport it was all done. The next step towards the freedom of riding a bike!

From now I started to service everything and somehow put all my gear on without spending much money for panniers rags etc.

The 19th my big day! I started!

It was raining to my disappointment, the bike gear I am wearing is not made for rain but if you follow the dry weather in Australia it's nice having light cloth in hot weather.

That day also was my last rainy day for the trip.

I had a look at the amazing Pinnacles definitely worth pulling over. I spent the night on a nice $3 campsite at Jurien Bay.

The bike did well and my quite dodgy bike load stayed on.

The following night I stayed camping somewhere near Geraldton. It's a beautiful town that looks like from a post card.

Kalbarri National Park was next on the list of the things I wanted to see. I haven't seen a canyon or rock formations like this before, I really enjoyed it, and of course I had to take a photo standing in "the window".

The pink lake was a bit of a disappointment because it just didn't seem to be pink, I don't know maybe the light was not right or the wrong time in the year.

I spend a few days camping on free rest areas till I arrive in Denham I think my favourite town along the coastline of WA. I had a sit down at the pub, with sea few, where I catch up with some mates I met at a rest area a few days before. They let me sneak in their hotel room where i had the chance to sleep in a  Australian SWAG.

I pass Carnarvon after two more days. I already met a lot of nice people who just came around for a chat wondering what I am doing by my self on a bike.


The next thing on my bucket list is Exmouth, and I really want it I went up in a day, Camping near the lighthouse. It's an unreal environment as on land as under water. I did some snorkeling and just rode up and down the area. 

A guy introduced him self to me as Ryan, he just walked up to me gave me his number and told me he's from Karratha and he is into Motorbikes. But later more about him.

After I eat a pack of kangaroo sausages I take off towards Tom Price. I camp at a Roadhouse. I have around 2350km on my odo. From now I realize there is no signal with Optus north of Exmouth. I do my shopping in Tom Price and take off to my favourite national park of WA. Karijini hell yes the walks through the canyons sometimes the walks change to a swim. It is hot as hell and it is great! I saw my first snake in Australia coiling around a tree above me while I'm swimming right below it.

I change my route, I decide to go to Karratha. Back in Top Price I am asking around for the dirt road going north. It is a shortcut and hey I am riding a dirt orientated dual sport so what the hell am I still doing on the sealed road!?!? I figured it out and went to the limit of me and the bike. My home made panniers burst the electrics that the recent owner modified fails. It was my first long ride on dirt I went all the way from the middle of the NP back to Tom Price from there to Python pool just 100km before Karratha. I haven't seen a car all day just a few road workers at half way who topped my water up. And than I see one rolled over by some Germans. The end of their travel by car. The two guys where alright they already organized a lift into town, they were so close to the sealed road but just not close enough.

By now it is almost dark and I made it to the sealed road but my headlight doesn't work anymore same with the tail light indicator speedo or anything else. Kangaroos everywhere, not a relaxing way to ride in the dark. But very soon a miner with his truck arrives, he asked me "what the fuckin hell you doing out here with no lights"? I ask him if I can follow him into town. I am so glad when I make it to the servo just outside of Karratha. I am exhausted after that day. 600km dirt 120km on road and 100 of them with no light in the dark.

I call Ryan he came to the servo, I follow him to the house... Shower, Beer,chat.....


I start servicing the bike the day after. I try to get the electric going but it is a mess, the recent owner was playing with it so much you couldn't tell. We find some small damages and it is working again. I change the oil clean the filters and so on...

I am staying for a while. Alisa (Ryans girlfriend) might be able to get me a job so I can make some money.

I have a great time in Karratha it's not a bad place and you never freezing in the Pilbarra. Ryan takes me out with one of his boats. After about a week I took off towards Broome. But after just 140 km north of Karratha the bike just stops. I try to fix it, I can't find anything obvious. It's hot I am exhausted no signal and the bike wouldn't start.

I end up getting a lift from a nice bloke called Cameron. I am back at Ryans house.  The mechanic in town is useless he only can offer me to replace one part after the other for $1000. I tried a lot I don't get it, it should run and sometimes it does for a few seconds. After two weeks I have to give up nobody can help me with the issue I have. I replaced some bits and pieces but it wasn't it.

I organize a transport for the bike back to Perth. The bike is going by road train, I am hitchhiking.

I am really thankful that Ryan and Alisa let me stay at their place for so long.

After two days I am back in Perth, I went most of the way with a road train which picked me up. He went straight to Perth, where I go back to my friends place Rainer and Steffi. 

I find work and wait for my bike. I contact a good mechanic back in Germany he reckons it is a coil in the alternator. I bring the bike to the shop where I got it from, and guess what? They can't fix it in forever!

I wait for month, but nothing. I decide that they can sell the bike once they fixed it up I need to get a job that counts for my 2nd year visa. I get my friends car and take off. There is not enough money for a bike I am disappointed but live goes on and I will get what I want later on.


A big thank you to

Rainer and Steffi,

Ryan and Alisa

to Cameron and all the other friendly people

I have met on that trip!