Western Europe Weekend 2017

The Motorbike season in Germany has started again. I am not using a bike of mine this time, as my seasonal registration starts from the 1st of April I have to borrow my dads bike which is a BMW 1150 GS Adventure.

The reason for this trip is a event called Abenteuer Welt in Cologne (Germany) about 600km away from my place.  There are many travelers reporting about their adventures for example Sjaak Lucassen , who rode his Yamaha R1 around the world.


But I went there for Bea and Helle  , a couple from Munich who was riding the world for 5 years. Now they are sharing their experiences and adventures with others and motivate others to live their own dreams.

So i took off to Cologne arrived in the early evening and enjoyed the evening, it absolutely was worth every kilometer I rode.  I stay for the night in Cologne and continue my ride west as I don't want to just ride straight back home. After a bit more than a hour I am already in Netherlands a town called Maastricht. It is amazing, that even it is not far away from "home", you cross the border and the style of how the buildings and the streets look is suddenly different. Heading south I find my self on a Road I haven't seen before, it is like a one lane road for the motor vehicles but it is a wide two lanes bike way.

I have a look around and carry on through Belgium to Luxembourg. I stop in the centre. It really is looking beautiful, this whole castle complex everywhere. And in the city centre is heaps of shopping, all exclusive brands. It is busy a lot of people are coming for the shopping, enjoying the low tax in Luxembourg. I am more interested in the wifi, I forgot to download the map material for France where I am going next.

After my download I am heading further south, right into France on small country roads. The rain is on and off all day, but I have something I never had on a bike, heated grips. The temperatures are low just around 5 degrees.

But in the late afternoon I arrive in Nancy. I have no Idea what to find there, I didn't check on anything because I left on Friday so spontaneously. I park my bike put my tank bag in the room and walk through the city, do  a bit of sightseeing till I hit the pub where I spent the rest of my day.

I am somehow really tired the next morning, might be because I spent all night pouring beer down my throat. After having a sleep in I grab some breakfast at a local bakery and continue my ride through the countryside to Germany.  I ride past lake Constance (Bodensee), the few is stunning. That lake is actually one of my quick ride after work destinations.

I arrive at home not much later not issues with the bike or anything. I wish i would have had more time, ride slower and look at more things but you gotta work with the time you have.  The photos are not so very nice as the weather was a bit crappy.


Thanks for reading