Honda MTX 80 Restore

There is that old moped sitting around in a garage of my granddad for 32 years now. It is my uncles so I asked him if I can dig it out and bring it back to live.

It is a year 82 model, it has a 86ccm cylinder on but the piston is broken.

The Motor already opened but never fixed.

The key is missing and also is the spare, the annoying thing is that the steering lock goes in automatically when you pull out the key.


I found the key, in the cylinder head?!?! Who thinks the cylinder head would be a good spot to hide the key?

Everything is ready for sandblasting and powder coating and already at the workshop.

I also was able to find a fitting piston as the old one was broken.

I stripped down the whole engine and start cleaning piece for piece now.

Many parts already arrived, but I am still waiting on all the bits and pieces from the powder coating. More pictures will follow.

It is unbelievable, almost every bolt and shaft is bend or the thread is messed up rusty or somehow else useless. I spend a lot of time in the workshop putting everything back together for about two Month.

But I am happy with what I build at the end.

I start stripping it down down the whole thing, more and more little bits and pieces come up which need repair. It's not just the motor and the Ignition lock. Many bolts are bent or rusted in. The rear shocker isn't moving. The battery made a mess the, the acid went over many parts and made them rust extremely. The rubber pieces all dried out the plastic fenders scraped or broken.  From now I organize parts and I need somebody to sandblast everything and powder coat all the parts. I don't know what to do with the motor yet, because the company from my kit doesn't exist anymore. And I also want to get it road legal what is a pain in the arse in Germany, believe me!

I finally got all the parts back from powder coating. I meanwhile powder blasted the engine my self and repainted, rebuild it. It was a bit difficult as the piston diameter is not as it should be. The company that build the cylinder and pistons doesn't exist anymore. So the cylinder head gasket was a lot of work to find, I already thought I have to build one my self.