TEnere 660Z (2008)

So here we go again, new winter new project. This time i build a long distance travel bike. The base is a Tenere 660z year 2009 which is already a good bike in my opinion.

The thing to the left is what i get started with. It made 56 000km and some of it in South Africa some off-road and some on the beach through saltwater what makes it all a bit less pretty.


I decide to strip it down all the way, sandblast all the bits and pieces and powder-coat it all.

Replace all the parts that don´t make sense to me like the wobbly front fork the massive heavy and ugly exhaust the 17" rear wheel and so on.

I strip the motor and rebuild it with some help from a bit of a local celebrity. 

I remove the rear food peg holders, the standard bash plate and much more.

You find the technical details and some photos below.


It is not complete yet as i am still working on the bike but I will show you guys the result once it is done!

  • KTM LC4 rear wheel fitted 18x3.5
  • Selfmade spacer bushings for the rear wheel
  • Rear break disk from HE-Motorradtechnik 245mm
  • Stainless steel break pipe from OTR-Performance
  • Short tail with led rear light and number plate holder from OFF THE ROAD Performance
  • Air filter DNA high flow
  • Air filter box modification stage 2 from DNA
  • Fine balanced crank shaft
  • WP 48 fork in the front perfectly set up for my needs from OTR-Performance
  • Pro Brake break and clutch levers
  • Selfmade tool tube for my fishing rod and tyre levers
  • Heavie Duties pannier rack and 48l panniers


  • KTM front wheel 21x1.6 and KTM 20mm axle
  • KTM fork clamps
  • OTR-Performance 2in1 exhaust
  • OTR EVO front fairings
  • Kahedo seat stock height
  • HE break disc and adapter 320mm in the front
  • Sainless steel break pipe in the front genuine KTM Part
  • KTM break cylinder and pump in the front
  • Retro Raid bash plate with toolbox
  • SW-Motech crash bars
  • LED indicators
  • Polished exhaust pipes polished my self the original Yamaha parts
  • Exhaust fitted with springs instead of bolts also selfmade