Tenéré 660Z (2009)

I have had a look through the bike where the recent owner started to take the motor out. In my opinion it doesn´t make sense. First thing I put it back in. I mill the speedo open and put a new glas on. Next step is rewiring everything that has been undone. 

I take the bent fork out and replace it with the fork from my 2009 model. 

The tail has ripped apart, I also replace it with the one from my 09 bike.

After that I spend about 2 days to clean off the dirt from the last year in South Africa. 

The biggest deal now is, to make it fit Kotomi as she is only 1,55m small. There is a limit of lowering the bike, and I am going to the limit. The front fork is 8cm shorter and has progressive Wilbers springs. The rear is 5cm lower and the seat is basically empty. In total its about 10,5cm in the back, but not enough. The bike has 895mm seat height stock, we are down to 790mm. I leave it like this for now get the German TüV Certificate and ride it for a bit. But it is a lot less fun for me with the low set up. 

I end up putting it back to stock and have to find a different bike for Kotomi.